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Thank you for entering my giveaways! Don't forget to use all available entries for your best chance to win. See the widget on individual giveaways for details.  All winners names will be listed below. On All Giveaways You submit your Address on the Giveaway widget.  So if you won; your information has already been submitted to the sponsor and you should receive your prize in 8-14 days.
Thank you,

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Giveaway- Donna Anthony

Holiday Guide/Giveaway-

1-Momentum Juppy
Krista Grandstaff 
1-$25.00 gift certificate
Rochelle Haynes
1-DVD Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables 
JoJo Wooton
1-DVD/CD: A Rainy Day 
Christie Thompson Lopanec
1- Who Loves Me? Personalized Book
Dana E Wales
1 -Your Choice Sound Doll Smooch or Sniffles 
Jennifer Mae Hiles 
5 winners-1 American Fast Food Discount Card
Jaimie Adams
Janet Lee 
Chriss Connor Pooler
Jen Scott
5 winners win-1 Noxicare Natural Pain Reliever 1.5oz and Noxicare t-shirt 
Maria Alvarado
Brianna Corbett
Patti Schwartz-Wilder
Marcia Gauer
Jodi Frasier
1- Full Size (24 fl oz) Bottle of Bubble Delight Frosted Avon-Gingerbread Bubble
WiMom Mandy
1- Zipz Shoes custom made pair of shoes exclusively though Rjay's Freebies 
Karen Hand
1- Cook'n Recipe Organizer 
Stephanie Rowe
1- Toe Juice Combo Package
Ruth Anne Chu
1- Closes To My Heart Stationary Starter Set
Fee Roberts
1- Sibu Beauty Total Beauty Kit Limited Holiday Gift Set 
Mélanie Morin
2 Winners will win 1- Crushing the Devil Book 
Marilyn Polk
Kaye Lake
5 winners will win 1- Jumpin' Good Buffalo Peaks Feta!
Deborah Dumm
Kristy Mueller
Jennifer Huff Huey
Mary Boyles
Joanne Gentry 
5 winners will win 1- Jumpin' Good Fresh Squeaky Cheese curds!
Jane Sizemore Ritz
Dana E Wales
Jennifer Muroski McNulty
Stacy Oconnor
Crystal Medina
5 winners will win 1- Rocky Mountain Dawn Garlic Parsley chevres!

Alycia Cartwright Morell
Ann Cameron
Kryzde Young
Stephanie Lippy 
Juanita A May  
Vinyledisorder ends 12/24-
Rachel Bedrock
Newmans sweets Giveaway end 12/19-
Rachael O'Keefe
Piczzle ended 12/19-
Dorothy J Boucher
Goat Milk Stuff  Giveaway-
Bridget Hale
Jean Strap Giveaway ends 12/10-
Jodi Vasey
Mary Jo Mudd
Meg Tucker
Piczzle ended 11/28- Jennifer Milakovic
Gobble Up Time is Done Flash Giveaway ends11/24-
 H. Diven
Virginia Rowell
Nutcracker Game Giveaway-
Debbie Jackson 
Marzetti Coupon Giveaway-
Jenny M Kelley Larson
Noxicare 11/05-
Melissa Robertson Marcum 
Fast Food Discount Card Giveaway 1ends11/05-
Rozy Nozy
Auri Lae
Sharon Steedley Powell
Angela Followstherainbow
Snap-To-Bra Mock Camisole Giveaway ends 11/05-
Sarah McKann
Zipz Shoe Giveaway ends 11/02-
Cheryl Chervitz a.k.a.rozy nozy
Jumpy Walker (Full-Lining) Giveaway ends 11/01-
Rachel Graham-Gibson
Goolish October Bangle Giveaway ends 10/31-
Rochelle Haynes
Julie Summa
Dawn Blackman- Daugherty
Julie Thompson
Britany Cochran
Beth Hill
Michelle Abbott   
Danielle Nicole Huto
Amanda Reed
Victoria Muhlestein
Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream Giveaway ends 10/28-
Sarah McKann
Rochelle Haynes
Victoria Secret Flash Giveaway 10/27/12 Jenny Green
September 10 Gift Giveaway 09/30/12-
Jelisa Sails
Alicia Keen
Lanie Kay
Krystal Crawford
Linda Hogan
Christina Hunt
Terri Santoro
Christine M. Shavalier
Jennifer Patalsky
Marci Ross
St. Judes giveaway ends 09/21/12-
Jamie Lafever 
Krystal Rivera
Wendi Watson
Amy Beth Marantino
Christal Mccall
Patricia Luthe
Help Save Oliver Giveaway- Dawn Sterner
Flash giveaway 08/31/12-  Leslie Korff-Stockton
Flash giveaway 08/30/12- Jessica Dowdle Barnett
Flash giveaway 08/29/12-  Patricia L George
Flash Giveaway 08/28/12- Jessica Dowdle Barnett
Flash Giveaway 08/27/12- Dawn Donovan Seeman
Flash Giveaway 08/26/12-  Shannon Goldschmidt
Flash Giveaway 08/25/12Alicia Ransom
Flash Giveaway 08/24/12- Mary Mcmenamy
Flash Giveaway 08/23/12- Alicia Ransom
Flash Giveaway 08/22/12-  Julie Frizzell
Flash Giveaway 08/21/12- Patricia L George
Flash Giveaway 08/20/12-Kathy Foley
flash giveaway 08/19/12-Gary Furnford
flash giveaway 08/16/12- Gary Furnford
flash giveaway 08/15/12- Katherine Tyrrell
Oscar Mayer Giveaway Winner- Jerri Davis
flash giveaway 08/14/12- Bethany Conley
Red bull Giveaway Winners- Leslie Korff-Stockton, Caitlin Joy Zemke
flash giveaway 08/13/12- No Applicants
flash giveaway 08/12/12-Tracie Gaoutte  
flash giveaway 08/11/12- Melinda Dartmann 
flash giveaway 08/10/12- Jessica Dowdle Barnett
flash giveaway 08/09/12- Sam Buck
flash giveaway 08/08/12- Amy Kathryn
flash giveaway 08/07/12- Mary Mcmenamy
flash giveaway 08/05/12- Amy Bealer
flash giveaway 08/04/12- Sam Todd
flash giveaway 08/03/12- Amy Bealer
Nawgan Giveaway- Danita Vojta
flash giveaway 08/02/12-Terry Beck
flash giveaway 08/01/12- Alicia Ransom
flash giveaway 07/31/12- Jessica Dowdle Barne
Earths Best Giveaway- Kathleen Blom
Flash giveaway 07/30/12- Leslie Korff-Stockton 
flash giveaway 07/29/12- Nicole Maroney
flash giveaway 07/28/12-  Patricia L. George
flash giveaway 07/26/12- Bethany Conley
flash giveaway 07/25/12- Darlene Fairgrieve Lanphere
flash giveaway 07/24/12- Sam Todd
Market Fresh Giveaway- Claudette Lariviere
Dickinson Giveaway- Ethan E Man
flash giveaway 07/23/12- Claudette Lariviere
flash giveaway 07/22/12- Dawn Dalby-Smith
flash giveaway 07/21/12- Lindsey Green
flash giveaway 07/20/12- Melissa Wiley
Victoria Secret  Giveaway- Darlene Fairgrieve Lanphere
flash giveaway 07/18/12- Julie Williams
flash giveaway 07/17/12- Leslie Korff-Stockton
flash giveaway 07/17/12- Tiffanie Lynn Chomik
flash giveaway 07/15/12- Tara Cheny-villaneve
flash giveaway 07/15/12- Tiffanie Lynn Chomik
flash giveaway 07/14/12- Paula Proffitt
flash giveaway 07/14/12- Leslie Korff-Stockton
flash giveaway 07/13/12- Dusty Lynn
flash giveaway 07/12/12- Paula Proffitt
flash giveaway 07/12/12- Cassandra FutureSmith
Dickinson Giveaway - Dawn Dalby-Smith
flash giveaway 07/10/12- Bo Hanvey
flash giveaway 07/09/12- Terry Huskey
flash giveaway 07/09/12- Dawn Dalby-Smith
flash giveaway 07/08/12- Donna Clark
flash giveaway 07/08/12- Jenny Cawrse
flash giveaway 07/08/12- Claudette Lariviere
Pepsi product - Cassandra FutureSmith
flash giveaway 07/07/12- Katherine N Felix Trejo
flash giveaway 07/07/12- Teela Barron
flash giveaway 07/06/12- Teela Barron
flash giveaway 07/06/12- Dusty Schnur


  1. i entered the flash giveaway on 8/16. am i a winner. please let me know. thanks..

    carol tsairis ////

  2. Thanks so much for the fast food discount card. I love your site.
    Sharon Steedley Powell

  3. I like that you get the mailing address and we don't have to stress so much about emails. thank you so much and Happy Holidays


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