Kids Help St. Judes Review/Giveaway 09/01-09/21

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 Information provided by the website:
     Kids Help St. Jude is a forum for giving kids the change to help St. Jude and raising money/awareness for them. If you aren't sure exactly what St. Jude is, you can find out right now. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is the one and only pediatric cancer research center where families never have to pay. No child is ever denied because the family cant afford it. The hospital pays for the family's trip down there and back, their food, shelter, and all of their other expences. They get about 5,700 active patients per year, and do everything they can to make sure the child gets cured. They need donations to pay for medicine, bedding, lots of money for the families who visit their hospital, to keep the research hospital there, and much more! You can donate directly to them online, at, their official website. At the website she sell her own artwork for ten dollars per drawing, and I give all of the money to St. Jude. Any child can also donate their art, no matter what age or skill level. I also collect donations for them as well. If you would like to purchase one of my pieces of artwork (you can choose which one in my album Art For Sale) you can email me at You can send me the address you want me to mail my artwork to you from, and you can go to the section, Contact Us to get our address for you to send me the money for St. Jude. Together, we can help save their precious children.      
Information about Kennedy the founder:
    Before you go any further, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kennedy and I am eleven years old. To put your mind at ease, my parents handle the money, and makes sure every last penny goes to St. Jude. All my life I have wondered how I can help someone, or make a difference in the world. Finally I have found St. Jude. When I heard about it, it blew my mind. Not only the fact that all of these sick children are dying, but also because all of these couragous doctors who go out of there way and save children's lives--for free! Right then I knew I had to help, and that is why this website is here, to save the precious children of St. Jude! Thank you so much for all of your support. Please email me at to learn how you can help! Click here for more ways to help!


           As I first went to this website I can honestly say I was shocked the website was well put together. There are many colors to catch your eyes attention and keep you completely focused. The main focus of this website is to raise money for St. Judes Children hospital. There is no split in compensation 100% of the funding is going to St. Judes childrens hospital.  Kennedy's non for profit organization is Kids Help St. Judes. Children have the option to also donate a picture to help Kennedy raise funds. The content in this website is apparent a child is looking for your help to better help children that really need it. The content is easy to read and gets the points across very clearly. The website covers many areas to name a few. They have artwork for saleMonthly Kids Art Contests, Donate Your Artwork, ect. The website is well put together and maintained. The part of this website that truly stands out to me is an 11 year old wanted to do something and is truly going for it!  I'm so excited to see this type of incentive in children today! Kennedy defiantly shares her voice in the blog section of her site. From telling us Today we got over 250 views!!, or explaining We need extra help!  each post is thought out and well written for Kennedys' age. I can really relate to Kennedys' cause as a mother with a child with Autism I know there is times you need help and need people to turn to. It's even better that this next generation is on top of it. There are some grammatical elements and  spelling mistakes and punctuation errors but they do not stop the over all message from being heard.  I only got loss where it came to the web audience. I'm guessing the site is intended for Adults to purchase and fund St. Jude Childrens hospital but it seemed to be more geared to children helping children. 

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Terms: 1 lucky winner will win an $50 coupon envelope , 5 additional winners will get 1  Random piece of a drawing, painting, sketch, or another random piece of artwork. This giveaway is being held by Rjays Freebies and Kids help St. Judes. We are solely responsible for the prize. Open to U.S. and Canadian Residents only.  This giveaway is open from 09/1-09/21.

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