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I will review your product if it fits with my blog and/or my family,  then host a giveaway of your product.  This will give you links back to your site, connect your products with all my users.
You will be required to mail out an additional product (or more if you'd like) to the user/s of what I have reviewed. After my Giveaway ends I will contact you with the winners name and home address.
  •  I will run the giveaway for. 2-4 weeks. 
  •  Add the giveaway to the Rjays Freebies Facebook Page
  •  I will promote it 2 times daily for the duration of the giveaway
  •  Add an extra entry that my readers become a fan of your company’s product/page on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  •  Add an extra entry that my readers view your website and comment on your products (your choice)
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Product Reviews

Product reviews are free. They will be my honestly opinions and accurately done. The reviews will be published and promoted on Rjay's Freebies social media handles (twitter, facebook, pinterest, google, network blogs, G+) Products given for review will not be returned and will become Rjay's Freebies property.


Giveaways will run for approximately 3 weeks. Sponsors will be responsible for the prize shipment.


Ads will come in the form of a button at the bottom of the right sidebar. $15 for one month or $150 for twelve months.

Sponsored Articles

250  word article with 1-2 links=$20
300 word article with 3-4 links=$35
500+  word article with 5-6 links=$55

Randi Pearson-Buckley
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I’m also available for blog sponsorships, events, consulting, and other opportunities.

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Please contact me and introduce your business and what kind of promotion you are interested in and we can move forward from there.

Terms:  I see all links and ads on my blog as coming with my stamp of approval. I will not allow just any advertising from companies unless  I feel I can fully endorse them.  I will not post any false or crude reviews on my blog. I will simply email you to give your company’s product my own constructive criticism and cancel the review and giveaway. I will not return the non-reviewed product unless you pay for return shipping. All reviewed products I receive are non-returnable.


Thanks for taking the time to tell me what you think!

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