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This is my Family! 


Now to help you to get to know me better I'm going to do a break down of my family.

Next I'll tell you about my son Logan
 Logan is what I consider an amazing child. Other people don't always agree or can't nessarily handle him. Logan has autism and adhd. Some basicly he is higly entergetic with a need of knowledge that no one can touch. He is so bright is outstanding. You tell him something 1x and 2years later he'll be like well mom on this day you said this and you sit back and can't do anything but smile. He is a total goof ball and is always trying to make someone smile. Whether it's the rite time or not he'll make you laugh. He loves showing his creative side and always needs to stay busy. We do a ton of crafts and always are learning new concepts from them. You know I've gotta throw a little education in there. He is the oldest so is always trying to show his younger brother Ethan the rite way to do everything. Because of coarse he is always rite. But he is a great influnence for his little brothers and want them to know rite from wrong which is great!
Next I'll tell you about "Boo"  my middle son his names Ethan but we'll just call him "Boo"

Boo is what we call him. He thinks he is Mr. daredevil and is ALWAYS getting boo boos. So at about 18m we just started calling him boo-boo. He is a complete love bug he's constantly wants to sit with you lay with you and wants utter attention. He is 3. We just finished potty training. Well I did my boyfriend works so it was just me lol. He loves to wrestle, jump around and his daily walks which he could not survive with out. He wants to do everything like his order brothers and wants to teach his younger brother all that he knows regardless to if he's only 5months old. He helps me with anything that has to do with my blog from helping with the mail to just sitting on my lap with his leapster working too. He is by far the most affectionate warm hearted child I have ever met. 

This is Cadan he is my youngest. 

Cadan is only 7 months old so I'll tell you as much as I can. He is a laughing happy baby. He'll just sit there and giggle and giggle. He loves his jumperoo and to roll on the floor. He has only 1 stuff animal that he loves. The blue elephant! he will throw that thing at everyone and laugh his little butt off. I have a feeling he's gonna be my comedian out of the bunch.

About Me (Rjay)

Well as you can see I have an amazing family. I'm 26 . I'm a stay at home mom that takes care of what all moms do. But I'll extra lucky because I get to run  Rjay's freebies  I get to run all sorts of reviews & giveaways, find tons of freebies, (Which I love!!) and meet and talk to new people like you everyday. I think I have a pretty awesome life and am surround by amazing people too!

Some of my Favorite Family Pictures




  1. Your so young and have a lot going on! Taking care of the kids and your page! That's great!!! Love your page and always appreciate the help you give! Thanks so much!!! And the kids are all so cute!!! :)


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