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Thank you so much for your help on Kids Help St. Jude; and I have noticed much improvement! If I were to give a score from 1-10, I would give an 11!!! ...Dozens of website views! :) I give the highest rating possible! Thanks :D

Kennedy Stanek 
Founder of Kids Help St. Judes 

Service Rating: 10/10

What I experienced with Rjay’s Freebies was responsiveness, personal attention, and the desire and ability to listen and adapt to my particular situation. The turnaround time for handling my project was truly amazing. And Rjay also got word out quickly to her network of associated sites. Rjay’s responsiveness was unparalleled. When there was a problem with the promotion pricing due to a glitch at Amazon, Rjay was quick to adjust and did so calmly and efficiently, making things go as smoothly as they possibly could. And the post-promotion wrap-up information was great too--a level of follow-up you just don’t see these days. Awesome from start to finish! I’m not quite sure how she did it all, but I couldn’t be more pleased and am looking forward to working with her again.

William Neubauer 
Author of Romeo's Tell Book 
Service Rating: 10/10

Thank you so much for taking the time to offer your honest review of my book "Crushing The Devil"! WOW, thank you for the kind comments! The book took me about 4 years to write and I am delighted that it has been a blessing to you! With every blessing

Pedro Okoro
Author of Crushing The Devil

Service Rating: 10/10

Great job, detail oriented review, pleasure to work with! 

Roman Yakub
Art and Music Games

Service Rating: 10/10

Great to work with. Great turn around time on the review and it was well written.

Two Little Hands Productions

Service Rating: 10/10

Wow! What amazing service it was to work with you, and a true pleasure. Your review/giveaway generated a lot of buzz and a fair amount of sales. Thank you so much! We highly recommend other companies use your service.

Samuel Edwards
Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief

Service Rating: 10/10

All of us here at Zipz Shoes had a wonderful experience working with Randi and her blog. The thought,  reach,  and scope provided by Randi far exceeded our expectations! We will continue to work with Randi!

John Stefani
Zipz Shoes 

Service Rating: 10/10

I am very happy with the results I have gotten from the Rjay's Freebies blog in promoting
the Americas Fast Food Discount Card at:

I'm also beyond satisfied and very thankful for the time Randi of Rjay's Freebies has put
into designing the banner ads for the promoting of the Americas Fast Food Discount card
on her blog.

Rjay's Freebies blog is one of the best looking and informative blogs I have seen and I
highly recommend anyone that has a free product, service or giveaway to offer it on
the Rjay's Freebies blog.

Martin Buckley
Americas Fast Food Discount Card

Service Rating: 10/10

Rjay was very responsive and fast and assisted me in reaching out to many more blog reviewers.  I highly recommend her services.  

Michelle De Sousa

Service Rating: 10/10

Our experience with Rjay's Freebies was very attentive. Randi took her time to evaluate our t-shirt thoroughly and wrote the review in a very articulate and precise manner. We will definitely work with Randi again if more opportunities come across.

Wicky Tees

Service Rating: 10/10

Great writeup, perfect!!! Pictures were taken and they obviously reviewed our website to see what other products we offer.

Highly recommend working with them.


Service Rating: 10/10

Thanks for the great review.  It was a pleasure working with her.

Service Rating: 10/10


The review is great and posted on time. It includes nice description and pictures and describe clearly our product.


 Service Rating: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars 

The review done by this blog was very professional and thorough. I enjoyed working with this blogger and would work with her again in the future. Thank you.


Service Rating: 10/10

Great Exposer! Thank You!

Service Rating: 10/10

Overall my experience was very good. There was a bit of a communication issue, but I believe it was resolved. I will definitely support Rjay's Freebies in the future.

Close To My Heart

 Service Rating: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars 

Rjay's Freebies gave a very throughout review of the product taking the time to both explain the product to her readers as well as showing how the product worked for them. The Giveaway that they ran was a HUGE success. I would recommend Rjay's Freebies to any business looking for help with their social media marketing.

Jason M.

Service Rating: 10/10

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