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     A lot of people  love to find free sample/products offers online this will be your best place on the Internet  to keep coming back to. Why? It's So simple. We have the Newest freebies offers, Review & Giveaway  offers, Guest Giveaways offers, and Daily Giveaways on our Facebook Fan Page that are available and we update every day. Plus we keep the offers up as long as possible. Updating you it's still available until the offer expires by the manufacturer. This is because there are so many offers online that will give you the chance to have the time to apply for them all.  You might not have the time to sign up for all of them in one day. This way it is likely that I will have the same offer available to you when you come back plus so many more. And I encourage everyone to come back DAILY. The  freebies offers are updated daily. Occasion I am  given an offer to post here that might have a limited number of  samples available. These offers usually go very very quickly. Many of  my fans like to add their names to our mailing list so they don’t miss out on any free stuff. On the right site of the page you will see an subscribe to email box. That's the best way to make sure you don't miss a thing! Getting free stuff is fun and economical. Think of all the money you WILL be saving by getting all the freebies that are available to you here today…and everyday! 

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 Rjay's Freebies does updates daily!


     Some of the many freebies that you will find here are free cosmetics and make up, perfume, food, pet products and baby products, laundry soap, hygiene products, ect. just to name a few. You can save SO MUCH MONEY  from toothpaste samples, shampoo samples, razors, soaps, toys, lunch boxes, kitchen supplies, spices, and other free samples by mail. If you have never done this before, you will fall in love instantly especially when you mail box starts filling up with awesome free goodies!

This is 1 of my great week of Free Products 

Wouldn't you love to get packages like this in 1 day!


How about having Christmas for all your friends and family taken care of in a month?


This makes birthdays and forgotten occasions a breeze. I never have to spend a dime. Minus the wrapping paper.

       Simply browse My blog and find items that you want and see what free stuff is really available to you. Fill in your name and address and that’s it. Is it so so simple. And I make it even easier for you by grouping all the products in categories so you can determine if you want freebies or to enter a giveaway or even to get to know me. Everyday I am searching the Internet and working with companies to get the best offers for you. Then I post them here. You can save so much time with your one stop shopping…or in this case one stop Freebie Amazing shopping & Giveaways. 

It's so Fun, and EASY!

       So if this is your first time here, welcome. I think you’re going to really have fun. You might even wind up having an addiction to saving money; or spending more. Come as often as you like and stay for a while…or if you only have a few minutes, no worries, start anyway. You can always come back again later or tomorrow. The sooner you start signing up for your freebies the sooner you will begin to see the free product sample arrive at your doorstep or in your mailbox.(The normal wait time when you 1st start requesting is 4-8weeks)  Then when you’re done, you can either put the extra cash in your pocket or think of all the ways that you can spend the money that you’re saving!  
Welcome to Rjay's Freebies have fun!

      I try to offer you the  newest freebies, guest giveaways, review and giveaways and blog opportunities! I post most of the freebies I find here! And all my weekly and monthly  giveaways. 

 Look to the Top and right side of my blog to help you navigate your way though my blog.  

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 Thanks for visiting Rjay's Freebies and have a terrific day!

Rjay's Freebies does not claim to or imply to be directly affiliated with the manufacturer(s), brand(s), company(s) or retailer(s) of the products listed on this web site, and in no way claim to represent or own their trademarks, logos, marketing materials, or products. None of the companies that produce, manufacture, promote, or distribute the products listed on this website own, endorse, or promote Rjaysfreebies.com. Please note that we do not send out any samples whatsoever, we only provide the links to the manufacturers and advertisers websites. We have absolutely no control over the distribution or shipping of any samples that any advertiser or manufacturer offers.


  1. that's a ton of giveaways and freebies! thanks for sharing and I will surely check out your blog and find something I ca snag, more power!


  2. Awesome site! Love all the giveaways!

  3. Awesome site! Love all the giveaways!

  4. Congrats you individuals are doing with this blog site.


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