Daily Giveaway Wednesday 08/22


I went out to eat today and was talking to a waitress and apauled by some of things she told me people do to her. My daily giveaway question is:
What is the rudest thing you've ever heard or seen a customer do?

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1 comment:

  1. Well I deal with rude customers just about every day. You don't have exactly what they want or not enough, you won't take an expired coupon or another store's coupon. But I guess the rudest was a guy trying to buy alcohol. The cashier asked for ID because they're told to card if they look under 40, and when he didn't have it on him she refused the sale. She called a manager at his request and the manager backed her up, while he was calling them every name under the sun and cursing the ground they walked on. He finally said fine I'll go get my girlfriend from the car and get her to buy it and we explained to him that we had already refused the sale and that he needed to bring his ID next time. We asked him to leave, but the whole store heard him before he finally left. The cashier was upset but I told her she did the right thing and not to ever let someone bully her into selling it to them anyway. That I would always back her up. I had to keep it clean because I couldn't type what he actually said.


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