UnReal Candy Review

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UnReal Candy Has such a verity of Candy. 


UNREAL 77- Peanut butter Cups

Texture: Thin Coat of chocolate with lots of thick peanut butter! The peanut butter was so thick I ate a bite and desperately needed milk. It was that good!
Taste: It was very tasty however you could tell that it was different. Not bad different more like grandma making homemade goodies that you have to have different.
Smell: Opening the package it was like your were being drawn in to a new fixes! I just had to have it!
Star Rating: 8/10
8 out of 10 Stars

UNREAL 54- Chocolate Covered Peanuts
Texture:light Smooth Chocolate over Peanuts
Taste: The peanuts give this health alternative a very robust delicious Flavor. Theses were not overly sweet which I have to admit I LOVED!
Smell: Light unnoticeable smell
Star Rating:9/10
9 out of 10 Stars

UNREAL 41-  Candy Coated Chocolate


Texture: Candy Coating was hard with soft natural chocolate inside
Taste: This candy tastes rustic and natural
Smell: Light soft Chocolate smell
Star Rating: 8/10
8 out of 10 Stars

Sponsor Information:
A few years ago, Michael and his 13 year old son Nicky got into an argument over Halloween candy.  Nicky came home with his bag of loot, went to bed, and woke up the next morning to find that his dad had confiscated most of it.  It played out the way these fights normally do, with the candy gone and Nicky going to his room.

Later, Nicky did some research online (to prove to his dad that candy isn’t so bad).  He discovered that his dad was right (for once).

It’s not that Nicky thought candy was healthy.  It’s that he didn’t know how bad it really was. What Nicky learned was that the worst parts of candy (like hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives) aren’t there to make it taste good.  They’re there to make it cheaper to produce.

Nicky had a hunch that without the junk, candy could taste better. With the help of his older brother Kris, and his dad, they set out to prove it.

I simply loved the chocolate coved peanuts. They reminded me when I was a little girl and grandma was melting chocolate and making them on the stove top. I remember her getting so mad becauses after she would drizzle the candy coating over them I would steal them off the wax paper and smiling. Theses candies are more then just an unjunked product. They bring back a little pieces of my childhood.

Over All Effectiveness:  09/10
8 out of 10 Stars

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  I received the product for my opinion and  did not received any other compensation. My opinion is of my own and there for may differ from your own.

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