Glass with a Twist- Make Your Own Beer Mug Review

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Theses mugs are amazing! They would make amazing gifts from grandma's favorite saying; to a special cup for Santa. If you want to personalizes a special glass set for your own drinking needs and you can even add a pitcher too. You have the option to personalize each one too. This makes them truly yours and unlike anything you've seen before.

All glasses, mugs, pitchers and combo sets are different styles. But all share the same factor they're all made of glass. The great thing about glass is it is unlike clay type cups. Glass holds the liquids temperature longer; so whether a hot day or cold day your drink will stay in tactic. Nothing is worse then going to drink a nice cold drink on a hot day and it's hot too! With theses glass with a twist customize  engraved glassware your drinks can stay cold up to 1hr and 22 mins. Yeppers I timed it. 

Theses are very heavy duty and with two hands I drink comfortably.  I have to admit that I dropped one of theses while taking it out of the very well packed box and I really though I broke it. But to my surprises the glass was completely in tact.  Which I don't know about you but I have  broken so may glasses over the years doing it. So it's good to know that theses Make your own beer mugs   will be part of my collection for years to come.

Beer Glasses

  • Permanent engraving
  • Fully customizable
  • Fast turnaround time
  • No setup charges
  • No minimum order
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How They Engrave
Sandblasted EngravingLaser Engraving
How do you engrave the glassware?

We primarily use sandblasting, which is the premier method for engraving glass. Sandblasting produces a deep, even mark, and it allows for complete design flexibility. It produces the finest result of all the available engraving methods. For some special designs, we use laser engravers.
How does sandblasting work?

In sandblasting, an individual film mask is made and hand applied to each glass, which is then blasted in a cabinet by a high pressure stream of air and abrasive. The mask protects the glass areas that will remain clear, while the abrasive carves away the glass in the areas to be engraved. The result is a beautiful and elegant mark on the glass.
Will the engraving be permanent?

Absolutely. It is carved into the glass. Unlike screenprinted glasses, the engraving will never wash, chip, or wear off.
How detailed can my design be?

Sandblasting can produce extremely intricate results. The designs for the film masks are created on a computer graphics program, so anything that can be set up in black and white on a computer screen can be replicated on the glassware.

Are there limitations with engraving?

The main limitation is color. We do not do any inking or screen printing....we exclusively engrave. While engraved glass has a more elegant appearance and is permanently marked, it is limited to the frosted white color of carved glass. For that reason, artwork or images that we use for engraving work best if they are single color images without shading.

What about laser engraving?
We do use lasers for special designs that aren't compatible with sandblasting....for example, with the spiral message designs that wrap all the way around the glasses. With laser engraving, the mark is made by the heat of the laser which is focused on the surface of the glass. Laser engravings are also permanent, but they do not have the depth of the sandblasted engravings. Items that are lasered are all identified as such in the product writeup.
Size and Fit:  

Mugs come in two sizes:

16oz-  $17.95
25oz-  $19.95

Now we each have a different lifestyle, personality and well are all around different. So you can chooses one of the customizable designs or make your own.  Below are a few of the customizable designs.

 Sponsor Information: was founded in 2007, and quickly has become the web's best source for custom engraved glassware. We moved to our current location in Reno, Nevada in 2009. Our small company is comprised of a talented and dedicated staff who produce all of our customized products in-house. We enjoy what we do, and are pleased to provide you with distinctive and unique designs for your custom glassware needs.

We are proud to offer sandblasting, which is the industry's premier engraving method, and we only use restaurant quality glassware. We have no setup fees or minimum order sizes, and we allow complete flexibility in our designs.

Over All Effectiveness: 

  • Permanent engraving
  • Fully customizable
  • Fast turnaround time
  • No setup charges
  • No minimum order

Usage: 10/10
10 out of 10 Stars

Texture: 10/10
10 out of 10 Stars

Design: 10/10
10 out of 10 Stars

Durability: 10/10
10 out of 10 Stars

Style: 10/10
10 out of 10 Stars

Size and Fit: 10/10

10 out of 10 Stars

Quality: 10/10

10 out of 10 Stars


Over All Effectiveness: 10/10
10 out of 10 Stars

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  I received the product for my opinion and  did not received any other compensation. My opinion is of my own and there for may differ from your own.

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  1. For my mom’s birthday last year, my sister and I honored her with a customized engraved glass from Unique Custom Products in Colorado. I can’t begin to explain how happy we were with the quality of the print. It was excellent. They paid attention to the finest detail and Mom is so elated with her gift that she flaunts it to all her guests. I definitely recommend them to you. Check their site for their amazing and unique products.


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