Disinfectant Spray To Go by CleanWell 1 oz Spray Review

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This is a great product. A lot of disinfectant sprays you have to worry about them leaving a nasty chemical residue. This one is safe. You can spray it directly on your baby's area's and not worry.

  • Cleans, Disinfects, and Deodorizes,  Kills 99.99% of germs botanically.
  • Antibacterial and Antiviral- Fresh lemon citrus scent.
  • Great for high chairs, children's toys, cell phones, fitness gyms, changing tables, toilets, counters, and much more!
  • Active ingredient Thymol is all natural thyme oil, categorized as least toxic disinfectant product by EPA.
  • 1oz spray bottle perfect for the purse, diaper bag, or in your car.

This is a very light citris smell that is bound to please but not over whelm your senses.

Sponsor Information:
Disinfectant Spray To Go by CleanWell 1 oz Spray Disinfectant Spray To Go 1 oz Spray You're out and about in the world and sometimes a surface just needs to be cleaned - the grocery cart handle the restaurant table or high chair gym equipment cell phone perhaps even the public toilet. Now CleanWell has a product just for this purpose that you can conveniently carry in your purse backpack or pocket Our new Disinfectant Spray kills 99.99 of germs botanically. These perfectly sized CleanWell Disinfectant Sprays will be with you for the adventures you have and the messy things you encounter when you're on the go. To use CleanWell Disinfectant Spray on your cell phone. Power down first spray a cloth (microfiber works great) and then wipe away This spray is formulated to kill germs but not streak. Cleans disinfects and deodorizes Antibacterial Antiviral. Convenient pocket purse sizes A Better Way to Clean Warnings Keep out of reach of children.

Usage: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars

Texture: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars

Smell: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars

Over All Effectiveness:  09/10
9 out of 10 Stars


I received the product for my opinion and  did not received any other compensation. My opinion is of my own and there for may differ from your own.

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