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Basic Design, Medium Cardboard Puzzle


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Who doesn't love a great jigsaw puzzle? I know I do. This Puzzle adds a sentimental twist to an age old activity...
  • Want to Purpose?
  • Celebrate an Anniversary?
  • Wish Someone happy holiday?


Do it With a  Piczzle Photo Puzzles!

They have puzzles from 6 pieces for the elderly or young children. To puzzles up to 6,000 pieces for the advance puzzle activist.  
 There are so many options available to you:

6 to 2,000 piece Custom Photo Puzzles
Rectangular Photo Puzzles 
Heart-Shaped Photo Puzzles
 Round Photo Puzzles 

Fully Customized
       6 to 2,000 pieces
       Cardboard or Wooden
       Rectangular, Heart-Shaped or
       Round Puzzles
       Small to Giant size
       $14.95 to $289.95

Exceptional Quality
       Highest printing technology
       Outstanding material
       Top craftsmanship

Commitment to Excellence
       Experienced Staff
       Outstanding Customer Service
Piczzle Puzzles have both wooden and cardboard pieces. My puzzle was compressed cardboard pieces.

My puzzle didn't have the best quality it was very pixilated. I think it was my own fault though I tried to resize a smaller image. To get the best quality image you should:

Resolutions in pixels:
Puzzle size Minimum Resolution
Ideal Resolution
6, 24pc Small Cardboard Puzzle 225 x 312 1421 x 1946
6, 30pc Medium Cardboard Puzzle 400 x 500 2469 x 3071
16, 48pc Medium Cardboard Puzzle 425 x 550 2621 x 3371
24, 99, 308pc Large Cardboard Puzzle 550 x 850 3371 x 5171
550pc X-Large Cardboard Puzzle 680 x 940 2835 x 3827
1000pc XX-Large Cardboard Puzzle 930 x 1320 3764 x 5339
2000pc Giant Cardboard Puzzle 1320 x 1770 5339 x 7150

Large Wooden Puzzle 630 x 910 pixels 3059 x 4358
X-Large Wooden Puzzle 920 x 1300 pixels 4370 x 6142
XX-Large Wooden Puzzle 1070 x 1480 pixels 5079 x 6969
Giant Wooden Puzzle 1300 x 1860 pixels 6142 x 8740
X-Giant Wooden Puzzle 1450 x 2000 pixels 6850 x 9685

I probally should have looked this over first. But my puzzle was still nice and the pixilation wasn't that bad.  

Top Quality Personalized Jigsaw Photo Puzzles
A newly attained quality of top level personalized wooden puzzles:

Professional Design � hand designed to ensure maximum creativity
Vivid Pictures � utilizing a cutting edge printing technology to achieve the ultimate picture sharpness and color brilliance
Precision � computerized laser-cut to attain utmost accuracy

Piczzle Jigsaw Picture Puzzles are made of the highest material and print quality standards. The photos are digitally adjusted to the correct picture puzzle size and are then designed by graphic designers who follow the specifications each order. After careful design, the personalized picture puzzle is printed on high quality photo paper.

Our picture puzzle printing technique is not the commonly used heat-press. Piczzle uses the high-quality SSPT (Superior Sublimation Printing Technology) method which is the "Cadillac" of the photo puzzle printing process that will last forever. This hi-tech printing method produces photo puzzles of high quality sharpness and color. Coupled with our Photographic Quality Ink (7 colors), we make your personalized picture puzzle appear truer to life than ever. Our wooden jigsaw photo puzzles are computerize laser-cut for maximum accuracy, while our cardboard picture puzzles are machine press-cut. In both cases the cuts are sharp and clean and the end result is a Personalized Jigsaw Picture Puzzle made exactly to your specification. Our Cardboard Picture Puzzles have a unique velvet-like finish and the Finest Wooden Photo Puzzles are treated with a high quality gloss finish for protection of the product.

Sponsors Information:

We turn our customer's photos into really cool, personalized jigsaw puzzles!! Puzzle size ranges from 6-2,000 pieces and are created from thick cardboard or wooden material. We pride ourselves in making top quality puzzles. Visit us at: www.piczzle.com
We believe that capturing human experiences is sacred and for their memories to be fully effective and alive, they should always remain interactive.

Playing a puzzle game enables a mutually interactive personal focus on a specific moment of time while attaining the enhanced impression from the beauty of its whole and the unexpected discovery of its distinctive details.

Our objective is to bring people closer through a cooperative game while giving them the opportunity to express their creativity and feelings through pictures, colors and written text.

Adhering to our vision, we strive to provide the best service for creating a fun, dynamic and interactive opportunity for individuals to preserve their most cherished life’s moments – for themselves and for their beloved.
Company Overview:
Piczzle Picture Puzzle service is an Internet-based sale and manufacturing service of Jigsaw Puzzles. Our company continually pursues its vision of becoming a true global digital service leader that can make its worldwide customers happy through its creative high quality products.
Our company specializes in the production of of custom puzzles and in marketing of wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles. Our photo puzzle products are sold to individuals and businesses directly through this website, and indirectly through online and offline stores, distributors and independent resellers. Piczzle operates worldwide but most predominantly in the USA, the UK.

We provide a range of personalized photo puzzle products through a service that makes it easy and fun for our customers to design, write, paint, enhance and preserve their digital photos while sharing them interactively with their friends and family in an original, one of a kind, creative and thoughtful way.

We enable anyone in the world to easily and quickly turn digital pictures into their very own picture puzzles – as a personalized gift or just for fun. Here you have the control over what you would like your unique jigsaw puzzle to look like as you customize its image, its personal text, its size, its design, its shape and its level of difficulty.

Piczzle's puzzles are made-to-order custom puzzles and they are produced by using the customer's own photos. We are committed to provide excellent service and top-quality personalized puzzles and thus we linking a history of over 15 years of manufacturing custom-made jigsaw puzzles with online retail experience. Piczzle values inspirational originality and so it encourages customers to plan their own products while attentively tending to each puzzle to ensure the perfect graphic-design of the finished products. The Piczzle Personalized Picture Puzzle service was founded on May 2003.

Our success is based on adding value for our customers. We offer you an easy, convenient and fun way to:
- preserve your memories for family, friends as well as yourselves;
- share your sentiments with friends and family through a thoughtful, personal and fun photo-based experience;
- achieve joyful self-expression through creativity and the telling of your stories with a combination of photos and words.

Usage: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars

Texture: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars

Quality: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars

Over All Effectiveness:  09/10
9 out of 10 Stars
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