TwistBand Review

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Stretch is so important when using any product but I was lucky enough to be able to try out a few products from Twistband.

I just got new shoes yesterday so when I got theses pink laces I was happy! I was like ooh theses are going to look awesome. There shoe laces are so great because whether your running, jumping around or just trying to wrangle your kids like me. You don't have to worry about bending over every 3 seconds to tie your shoes. Theses shoes laces stretch with you and look pretty while doing it!

I was also able to try the stretch hair ties now I have very very thick hair so I was only able to pull up half my hair. But with everything going back to 80's fashion this year it totally worked. theses bands are supposes to leave no lines in your hair after uses and of coarse they don't!

Headbands can be tricky with any fashionable statement but always make 1. I love incorporating them into my everyday wear. I have very long hair and tend to get those baby strands that just like to hang so they come in so handy.

Over All Effectiveness:  09/10
9 out of 10 Stars


  I received the product for my opinion and  did not received any other compensation. My opinion is of my own and there for may differ from your own.

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