Bacon Layered Cheddar Stuffed Meat Loaf Recipe

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I was talking to a few of the gals earlier on the facebook page and was telling them what I was making for dinner. I was quickly asked for my recipe and yall know how much I love to share my cooking skills.

Serves 4 Adults
1lb of Pork suasage
1/4lb Hamburger
1/4c Kikoman Soy sauce
5Tsp of  Badia Sazonador Fajita seasoning (You Can get this from walmart)
1lb of bacon (Pork)
2oz Cheddar Cheese


1) In a medium size mixing bowl mix together fully the sausage and hamburger. Add 3 teaspoon of soy sauce and sprinkle the seasoning heavily over the top and mix together.

2) Next you are going to layer bacon about half way across each previous piece.

3) Next your going to add half your meat and smooth it across 1/4 of the area of the bacon.

4) Next your going to cut 2 huge chunks of Cheddar. They need to go from end to end. This way when it melts it's extra gooey and delicious. 

5) You to very carefully slide your fingers underneath the bacon and ease it over.

6) Next your going to add the duration of the meat next to your roll. spreading it very thin. Then rolling it over again. 

7) Next your going to already have your meatloaf at the edge of the pan but you need to slowly ease it into your loaf pan.

8) Next your going to want to top it with a tsp of soy sauce and seasons.

9) Your just going to pop this in the oven for 40 mins at 400. You need to watch the grease though you might need to pour some of it out if you don't have a self draining meatloaf pan. (You could save it too; to make a pop up to go with it)

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