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This is so easy 3 easy steps and your done! 
  1. Chooses your background
  2. Insert your Images and Text
  3. Checkout 
I love the fact that you can add any images you want. I chooses 3 images that have such significant emotional memories to me. 

This past fourth of July; I had my whole family together. It was so much fun watching my 4 children running and jumping around. I loved this day so much, we got into a water fight. It was so hilarious running around with the kids. Destry and I were nailing them with water bottles cups and all sorts of fun. Then Destry and I got into a huge water fight it was so unfair becauses he could run so much faster then me so I'd go to throw water and he'd go running. He got me way more then I got him. I finally pulled him close kissed him so hard and poured the water down his back. 

Easter this past year Destry and I planned months in advanced down to every little detail. We ordered everything online and then I put all the baskets together. Easter morning arrived and we had gotten the kids theses bunny whistles. We really thought they would love them and boy did they. My stepson Dakota was chasing his little brothers around with the bunny whistle. They were laughing blowing theses whistles having the best day. We bought them other stuff too, but theses whistles brought them the most joy and really brought the day together. 

This year was Destrys turn to pick out our Hallowen Costumes so he picked for us to be Jail Birds. We didn't have are 4th son with us on this day. But the story is funny. We all put are costmumes on and when any of us bent over the costumes ripes from front to back. We laughted but had clothes on under so it didn't matter. Dakota came up the next weekend and went to put his on and the same excate thing happened so halloween was ...
"Oops I split my pants!"

The one thing I love about this ball is that no matter how many years that pass; I will always remember theses special moments:

  •  Fourth of July water fight
  • The laughter of my children 
  • All of us splitting our pants
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Make-A-Ball baseballs are unique, full coverage, picture perfect, customized baseballs. These customized baseballs are great gifts for any sports fan in your family. The best part about it is we don't restrict your design area like every other site! Plus, our design tool makes the program easy to use you can create your very own customized baseball in no time at all. Make as many or as few as you like!

The customized baseballs are real* baseballs and are regulation size and shape with red stitching. They are 2.687" in diameter.

Our customized baseballs are easy to design and they're the perfect upgrade over the photo packages you receive year in and year out. They even cost less too! If you have trouble designing your customized player ball, you can always reach us at our toll free number, 888-393-6758.

The process of creating your customized baseball is easy: choose your background, insert your images and text, preview your baseball, and checkout. With our wide variety of backgrounds available, plus the ability to design your own, the options for your customized baseballs are endless.

If you are looking to create the best coaches gift, end of season commemorative, team mom present or just an awesome gift for a loved one, look no further than the customized baseballs by Make-A-Ball.

*Although our customized baseballs are real, they are not approved for game play.

I have reviewed many products but have to say that out of all of them the smiles and great memories this will always bring me is so joyous!

Over All Effectiveness:  10/10
10 out of 10 Stars


  I received the product for my opinion and  did not received any other compensation. My opinion is of my own and there for may differ from your own.

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