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This Review/Giveaway is done by Kathy's Freebies & Savings.
I was recently provided with the Zuvo Water Filtering System to review. The first time I heard of this product was when I was shopping at Menards. I knew I just had to try it, and luckily I was offered it to review! We have well water and it usually tastes nasty and has a horrible smell. Normally I fill a pitcher up with water and put it in the fridge. I wait for it to get cold and then I drink it. That's the only way I can drink faucet water without it tasting nasty. It's either that or I'll go out and buy some bottled water, and we all know how costly that can be. I'm very happy to have had the chance to review the Zuvo. As some of you may know I love to be green and keep the environment as clean as possible. The Zuvo is an eco-friendly water filtering system, so I'm very happy about that.
Zuvo gave me the option of an over the counter or under the counter water filtration system. I chose the over the counter system. The over the counter system hooks right up to your faucet. The under the counter system hooks up under your counter and hooks into the faucet lines. My husband and I decided to hook the Zuvo up in the downstairs bathroom. Our bedroom is downstairs so this is the only place we can go for water anytime we are downstairs. I would prefer to not drink water from a bathroom sink, which is why I decided to hook up the Zuvo in our bathroom.
My husband loves to install things and I'm usually not very good at it, so I decided I would let him install the Zuvo for me. I made sure to watch him to see how he hooked it up. It was so easy! The first thing my husband did was unscrew the old nozzle and screw on the facet adapter that was provided for us. Then he took the hoses and hooked those up to the faucet as well as the Zuvo. We then plugged it in and it was as simple as that. Anyone could do this, it was so easy! After that we were able to pull the tab that's on the adaptor and the water started coming out. The machine lit up as soon as I pulled the tab and it activated the filtration. My kids are so fascinated with the light and the water that spins around when you turn the machine on.
When we first installed it was leaking, but my husband fixed that up real fast. Ever since I have been using this system our water no longer smells horrible and it tastes great! I'm very impressed with this machine. It tastes fresher and I know I'm getting good water from this system. I know with tap water it could contain lead and bottles of water could contain chemicals from the plastic bottles. With the Zuvo you get the healthiest, cleanest, fresh water. I used to use a filtered pitcher, but I won't need that anymore. Those filters can get dirty and if you don't change them when you're suppose to, it can harm your water. Did you know that it takes 47 million gallons of oil each year to produce all the plastic bottles. That results in over 1.5 million tons of plastic waste. Filters are just as bad too. An average family throws out 25 or more filters a year. The Zuvo only throws out 2 filters a year and they help to recycle them as well. Check out the chart below for all the filters that are being wasted over a five-year period. I'd say Zuvo is defiantly the way to go!
Wouldn't you like to have fresh clean water? I know I would. With the Zuvo water filtration system that's exactly what you get. If you're like me and you like to recycle, then you should check out the Zuvo. They don't waste as much as other water filtration systems and they help you recycle. What a great way to stay green and healthy too.
Want to win a Zuvo? All you have to do is enter with the rafflecopter below! Good luck to everyone.
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  1. We usually drink bottled water because the tap water does not taste as good.



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