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        Cat Patrick


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About This Author:

Cat Patrick is an author of books for teens.  Her debut novel, FORGOTTEN (available now), is about a girl who can remember the future instead of the past, and was praised by NYT bestselling author of Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher, as a "mindbending," one-sitting read. The book is being translated into 21 languages and Paramount bought the movie rights, with  True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld attached to star as the main character, London Lane.

Forgotten  Revived The Originals

Patrick's second (unrelated) novel, REVIVED, is about a girl who's part of a secret government program to test a drug that brings people back from the dead. REVIVED will be available in the US May 2012, and in the UK and Australia Summer 2012.

Patrick lives near Seattle with her husband and twin 3-year-olds, and is afraid of zombies, planes, and zombies on planes. 

My Review: 


Main Characters: 

Daisey- Narrator 

Mason- Government Agent, The Disciples, Trained Doctor, Scientist, Watcher, Bodyguard, Fake Father Figure 

Cassie- Government Agent, The Disciples, Trained Doctor, Scientist, Watcher, Bodyguard, Fake Mother Figure

Audrey- Daisey's Friend

Matt- Daisey's Boyfriend


Main Characters Descriptions: 
I'm not sure how much I really care for him. He's always just doing his job and I understand as a Government Agent Mason needs to stay on his toes. However on the other hand he has been raising Daisey for the last 11years. I really think he should at least be acting like the father figure he is pretending to be.  So on this basis I do not care for his character

As a teenager she acts as thus. She is the narrator of this book and easily day dreams, thinks, and over thinks her every move.  Of coarse she has to with hiding the fact she is part of the Revived Bus kids.  She is very reserved yet thinks out every thought she wishes she could do.  Holding back her feeling and past from everyone. She has died 5 times before this book even starts.  She is a blogger like me; which I must say I love.  She was an orphan adopted out to the government and is being raised by government agents that are her disciples , her trained doctors, scientist that preform experiments on her to test her annual results of the drug Revived.  Every time Daisey dies she is relocated into a new life, new name, new friends letting everything go as she died so can not keep contact with anyone other then the other Revived Bus kids. 

Audrey is so far Daiseys only friend. She met Daisey on the 1st day of school they shared the same hall of lockers. They immediately clicked.  They go to lunch almost every day, shopping, sleep overs and more. They talk  everyday and text every night. There what every teen longs for b.f.f.'s (best friends Forever). But Somethings wrong with her! Read to find out.

Matt is the stereo typical boyfriend every girl dreams of. From his perfect hair to his awesome closes to his amazing skin. Matt is Daisey's best friends older brother.  Everything is going great with Matt and Daisey until Matt asks Daisy to make a life changing decision

Cassie is the female governmental agent that is the new fake mother figure in  Daisey life. she is also the agent She is very reserved and doesn't talk much. So unforgivably I didn't learn or get to know her at all. 


My Thoughts on Revived: 

     Really?  The Characters in this Revived pull you in so close; then Really... Daisy dies! Actually Daisey dies over and over again. The ultimate goal is for her to survive with out having to be Revived. The first chapter literately keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I can't turn the page quick enough to get to chapter two.  
     Each Chapter had it's own mini climax. Toward the end the last 30 or so pages really keeps you on the edge. As long as you stay within the age recommendations you will love this book. This book is narrated by a 16 year old girl enough said!


My Ratings:



Exposition: 9/10

Characters: 9/10

Theme: 9/10

Plot:  9/10

Climax: 9/10

Over All Effectiveness:  9/10

I give this book 9 out of 10 stars

Recommended Age Range:


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