Nutcracker Game Review

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7+ Hours of Fun 

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Game Description: 

     This game starts with a flying fishy animal that talks to you. He tells you all the fun game features. In this game  you will get 1 key in each game. After you play all 9 games you will have all the keys and with all the key from the games you will turn the nutcracker back into the prince so he can marry Clara.
     The toy room is filled with toys; each toy represent a different game in a new room. With each new game to try and win you will get 1 step closer to Clara.

 The Rooms: 
  1. The Listening Room
  2.  Musical Encyclopedia
  3. Flying Instruments
  4. Musical Cards
  5. The Funky Monkey Game
  6. The Nuthouse
  7. The Orchestra Game
  8. Find me on the tree
  9. The Nutcracker ballet
  10. Children's Album Game
  11. Music Trivia

 Also The Nutcracker story is available in the game for your child.

  The Games:

Flying Instruments:
You trying to match up falling instruments along with an instrument on the bottom of screen. You get an option to play 1 of 3 different games. I found theses 3 games to be very challenging! 

Game 1:
You need match the instrument by it's family of instrument. I have to admit I really liked this game it's lik playing bejeweled yet you are learning something. As each instrument drops they state the family it belongs to I sadly must say I don't know my musical instrument families but with determination I learned them and moved on  to game 2.
Game 2: 
In this game you need to match the instruments 1:1.
Game 3:
In this game you have to match the Instruments to their sounds. You can't see them until they they land. As you play it speeds up. 

Perfect for ages 9-12

 Musical Cards:
 This is like a memory game but instead of pictures you patch you match sounds on cards. This was easy peazy! I didn't make a single mistake and it was awesome! You can get a key after the first level so this is great for little kids. 
Perfect for ages 3-7

The Funky Monkey Game:
There are many tunes in this game it has many levels, Beginner, Easy, Intermediate, Advanced. So it makes it extra fun to watch yourself advances through this silly game. 

Perfect for ages 3-9  

The Nuthouse:
This game has 8 rooms. In each room is a different funky distorted version of a song they ask you to find the rite distortion of the song. They play the song for you before you try and find it. This 1 they don't count anything against it doesn't matter how many times you get the answer incorrect I like that!

Perfect for ages 3-9

The Orchestra Game:
You have to match the sound to the instrument. Once you have matched all instruments to all the sounds the orchestra will play for you. This is really easy because you learn all the instruments in the previous games.Your child will feel so reward when they get there song!

Perfect for ages  5-9

Find me on the tree:
With this one you have to match 3 sounds on the tree hidden in the figurines (ordements). When you do you will find the fishy them guy I was telling you earlier and win a key. I noticed not that they state it but each figurine is a little different however the main figure and the figurine will match if they have the same sounds.

Perfect for ages  4-9

Children's Album Game:
There are 8 levels in this one and 9 instruments. In each song you have to determine which instruments are playing in each level there are different songs so be extra careful and listen hard because that means extra instrument and different amounts in each song to find. There are different doors you click on and a song begins to play then you find the instruments. When you have reached your final amount of instruments the bottom part of the screen goes blue; then you have to swap out intraments to try and find the rite combination. So much fun! The only thing i didn't like is even though I solved all the puzzles had to redo 3 because it took me to many chances to figure it out.

Perfect for ages 7-9

 Nutcracker Game:
This is kinda like the children's album game except they tell you there is 4 instruments. You drag the instruments on the stage and do this for 8 doors. Then wala you yourself another key. This is so cute as you try the songs you the the story in action!

Perfect for ages 7-9

Music Trivia
We've learned so much in this game test your knowledge with this trivia game and gain your last key.

Perfect for ages 7-9 

The Listening Room-
Has a gramophone15 different records for your child to listen to by dragging records on to the player. This is not a game.

Musical Encyclopedia:
With this you learn about all different sounds animals makes. They also included a cute little rhyme with each instrument and an awesome animal playing them.   After 3 levels you get the magic key

The Nutcracker ballet:
This is a short 10 page story mainly for older children to tell them about the ballet.

Sponsor Information:
Parents' Choice Gold Award
NAPPA Gold Award
Parenting Seal of Approval and others.
This computer game gives children an outlet for exploring their own appreciation of music, while sharpening their listening and problem-solving skills and improving understanding of the basic concepts of music. The Nutcracker Music Game is a magical adventure that celebrates music by challenging kids through interactive participation and exciting game play.
The premise of the program is to save the Nutcracker by earning nine golden keys through a series of musical games and activities that teach students about differences between sounds, exercises their memory skills, and increases their music vocabulary.  
The Nutcracker Music Game offers exceptional teaching tools, such as the ability to demonstrate, in the classroom, every instrument of the orchestra and its interaction with other musical instruments. But above all it teaches children to love and appreciate music.  
The program features a multitude of innovative musical games, puzzles and riddles, as well as an animated Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments, an extensive Listening Room, Tchaikovsky's biography, the Nutcracker story, the History of the Nutcracker ballet, music trivia and more.  
"What is so impressive about this CD-ROM is how much fun kids had while really putting their musical ears to the test." - The National Parenting Center     
"A decidedly unique software game with enormous educational value…Kids will enjoy playing again and again." - Discovery School
 "The best software I've seen to date or stimulating the musical imagination… Sophisticated in its design and content, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker offers exciting adventures in musical listening and problem solving that are both irresistible and educational." - Dr. Larry Scripp, Ed.D, Chair of Music-in-Education and the Research Center for Learning through Music, New England Conservatory  
"It's a splendid blend of fun and learning, sensory stimulation and rational thinking, Old World atmosphere and new technology marvels." - Houston Chronicle

I give this Game 9 out of 10 stars

Recommended Age Range:



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