Goat Milk Stuff Almond Soap Review

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Goat Milk Stuff has some amazing products. I was lucky enough to try a few of their soaps. I got to try Almond, Black Raspberry, Cranberry Spice, Lemon grass, Vanilla, Clean Cotton, Luv Spell, Purity Scrub.  Almond Was by Far My favorite. Goat Milk Stuff has so many soaps to chooses from.  Soaps have a wider spectrum then they use to. I this soap would make a lovely gift from it just sitting here in my office my whole offices is filled with the most beautiful smell. If you look at the soaps they even have a cake like look to them so even though they look like a yummy snake their not. I personally think you should get a log if your thinking of gift giving. Even though you will be paying  $36.00 you will be getting a 3lb log which is like getting 60 bars. a normal bar cost $6.50 so you would be saving your self  $350+ dollars. I don't know about you but that sounds like an amazing deal to me! They only have them in a few flavors but it is well worth it especially this time of year.

Theses soaps are all hand cut so each soap varies. However the bars are about 2" thick by about 3"  long.  Each soap lathers up easily and the smell only gets richer with this soap.
On a the strength spectrum theses soaps are an 11. The smells are clean and delicious. Goat milk soaps never uses dyes or synthetic colors and they only use high quality essentials or fragrance oils to scent their goat milk soaps. The smell is strong and even when opening the soaps I felt intisted by their aroma. I have a few different bars and they spell so good I almost want to keep a couple just as room fragrances. I wish they had candles then I would never say no or the flamless Candles theses give off the same but better smell.

Ingredients: Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, sunflower oil; Essential Oil.
Allergy Warning: People with skin allergies should test the soap on a small spot of skin first and stop using if irritation occurs.

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Skin Conditions
We can’t promise to cure your skin condition, but many, many people have found their skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.) disappear when using our soap. There are four different soaps that produce the best results. We have put these soaps into a Problem Skin Pack for your convenience. There are two sizes available or you may order the bars individually. The included bars are purity, tea tree, organic castile, and calendula.

We recommend the following soaps for poison ivy or acne:
  Poison Ivy - jewelweed
  Acne - tea tree, purity

Dry Skin - All of our soaps are great for dry skin because they all have the same amount of goat milk. Just choose the scent you prefer the most.


Goat Milk Soap Benefits

One of the first questions we're always asked is, "Why goat milk?"
When making soap, you need a liquid.  Some soapmakers use water, some use fruit juice, vegetable juice, or even beer.  We choose to use goat milk.  The cream and the proteins that are present in the goat milk add a moisturizing effect to soap that is above and beyond what water can achieve.
Jim used to work outside year round.  Because his skin was so dried out and chapped, I had to buy lotion in bulk to get him through the winter.  When he started regularly using our goat milk soap, his fingers stopped cracking and splitting.  That was enough to convince me of the benefits of goat milk soap. But if you want more, checkout our article on Goat Milk Soap Benefits.

Natural Soaps

Our goat milk soaps are all natural. We use different oils to scent some of these natural soaps. Essential Oils are derived exclusively from plant material. Fragrance oils contain a synthetic component to mimic scents that can not be derived from nature. Most of our soaps contain a blend of essential and fragrance oils. Our Exclusively Essentials soaps are made with just essential oils. The fragrance oils that we use are phthalate and paraben free.

Cutting Bars

Yes, it is safe to cut your bars. We offer several bar sizes to meet different needs, but you can cut your bars into whatever shape you wish. You can use a kitchen knife to cut them. We use a putty knife in a mitre box. Whichever way is easier - just be careful!

Usage: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars

Texture: 09/10
9 out of 10 Stars

Smell: 10/10
10 out of 10 Stars

Over All Effectiveness:  09/10
9 out of 10 Stars

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  I received the product for my opinion and  did not received any other compensation. My opinion is of my own and there for may differ from your own.

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