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I was so excited I got to interview this awesome upbeat author Jennie Bishop! I'd love to share my interview with you all! I also want to give you a chance to win her newest book Planned Purity!

1) What inspires you as a person to bring out your creative writing?
Something Ken Gire calls "windows of the soul" — I love being a conduit of those moments where God cuts through the distractions of our material world to show a blinding piece of spiritual reality. I want to create those opportunities through story and shared truth.

2) What life experiences made you want to become a writer?
I just naturally wrote from the time I could pick up a pencil. In elementary school I put a bunch of stories and poems together and talked my music teacher into copying them on the school ditto machine so I could hand them out. I got in trouble and had to replace the paper. :/ But I kept writing, and even wrote my first (bad) novel in high school. I didn't think I was especially gifted—it was so easy for me that I thought everyone could do it. Words are fun, and I still think they are.

3) In what written styles would you place your writing  in?
I'd say the greatest percentage of my children's stories are parables. It gives great pleasure to me to teach with simple stories that speak to many ages in many layers.

4) What inspired you to write "Planned Purity"?
I'm passionate about purity being defined accurately and taught effectively. I also champion the eradication of pornography. The best way to wipe out porn and its many devastating effects is to raise children who are non-consumers. To do that, we have to start with the heart and get them read to embrace sexual purity as they grow. Planned Purity is the definitive purity training resource for families, the one I wish I would have had raising my kids. I taught Planned Purity in seminars for years, and now it's in book form along with some terrific resource sections. I wish I could get one into the hands of every single family.

5) What is your favorite part of this book?
I love the Five Doors of the Heart. It's a simple part of purity training that can be taught at any age, appropriate to the situation—so you teach a little child how to use the "doors" of his five senses to guard his heart, and you teach a teen how to use the same method to guard his body, and so on. But I also love the grace that is a requirement in Planned Purity. Mistakes are a part of learning, and we need to become experts at starting over, and giving others hope with the same opportunity.

6) If you could tell my audiences one thing about this book what would it be?
Please buy one—not because of me, but because of your kids. Buy it when they're little, or when you're about to become a parent. Be thinking about purity from the earliest age, and use the book to raise kids who refuse to use porn. Your life will be better because of it, your child will be better because of it, and our nation will be better because your family is in it.
 The Princess and the Kiss w/NO Audio CD

Best Selling author, Jennie Bishop, of The Princess and the Kiss now brings you a wonderful parenting book called Planned Purity. This is a gift and a tool for parents to use to raise up young men and women with the power to make wise choices and keep themselves pure.

Here's a terrific glimpse at the fantastic speaking events that Jennie Bishop presents to parents all over the world on behalf of Planned Purity.

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Let's all  experience all the great resources available for parents and children. 



 Planned Purity for Parents
PRIZE: 1 winner will receive a signed copy of the book Planned Purity by author, Jennie Bishop. 
DATE: Starts on 10/17 and ends on 11/1 at 12:00am.  
LOCATION: USA and Canada  
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  1. I entered the giveaway and I do want to read the book. I do have to point out that studies of 'purity' pledges and abstinence prograns have shown that on average teens who take 'purity' pledges delay sexual activity on average 6 months more then the non 'purity' pledge teens, and when teens in such programs do engage in sexual activity they are more then 60% less likely to use a condom. Purity teens are more likely to have std's and unplanned pregnancy's then non pure teens.
    I havent seen any studies on this but I suspect that purity teens are less likely to report such things as rape or sexual abuse due to shame about all sexual activity. (That's how it was for me. I was molested as a child. By a friend of my grandparents. I later found out that they had known what sort of man he was. They left me laone with him with instructions to 'be polite'. It's not that they set out to have that happen to me. It's that they really believed that if you never talk about 'things' like that, they wont happen.
    We don't let teens drive with out taking a driving course,but sex? We want them to grow up in ignorance confusing ignorance with innocence. Even in many abstinence only 'eductation' classes going out of their way to impart false and misleading information about how the human body works. (Tod Akin and his beliefs about how raped women can't get pregnant comes to mind) sorry to go on, but as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and a rape survivor as an adult I can't help but have strong feelings about this.

    1. With those backgrounds. I completely agree with you However I make sure as a parent my children are aware that no one not even mommy or daddy is allowed to touch their private areas and god forbid if anyone ever does to please tell me. The book isn't saying don't tell if someone is hurting you it's saying please stay pureto yourself! Not that if you are violated to not tell because of your pledge.
      Thank you for your opinion and honesty,


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