I Organized my Childrens Room for $1.49 You Can Too!

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I Organized my Childrens Room for $1.49. Minus the fact that it took me 7hrs to organize all the toys. Want to know how I Did it?

My Boys Room is officially TOY BOX FREE!

Remember when I posted the toddler bed mess covers earlier this week? This is 15 of the thoses sets.You can order them too! All's I payed for was a box of screws. It's better to uses screws the nails tend to pull out from the weight The ones i used were 1/4 inch screws. You will want to order the circle ones you can order 5 per check out so request 5. Scroll to bottom of page click add to shopping cart then check out as a guest.

Order My FREE Toddler Meshes To Get Organized!

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