Butterfly Spirit Connections "Super Hero Meditation Practice Cd" Review

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What needs to be done to get the most out of "Butterfly Spirit Connections Super Hero Meditation Practice Cd"

Don't worry about your age when it comes to meditation. It isn't about your age to help you achieve a better sense of self in a calming state as it is to practice this method in a safe and relaxing environment. You must not try to complete any other tasks while meditating; meditation requires complete focus on cd for this series.
So Jennifer tells us not to have expectations before we start this process. Which I can honestly say I had no expectations. I'm 26 with 3 kids and my life is very complex to say the least. I did not think this meditation series would work. I have never tried it before and felt like it would be one more scam. I defiantly had thoughts and feeling toward this and was very wrong about this whole process and was so glad to try this series. I know now I will turn to this Cd when I am aggravated or having a hard time coping with different issues in my life.

1st Part Meditation:
The 1st part of the meditation series you will combine meditative techniques with imagination. Theses will help you deal with your own Thoughts, memories, feelings, that hold you back. After each step you will feel relaxed and calmed knowing Jennifer is calmly walking you though it so you can't make a mistake. Jennifer says, "This will help you aligh yourself with your super hero within!" I defiantly felt calmer and more relaxed after every step and was amazed on how I was visualizing what she was saying as she said it. I'm not to much for an imagining But she gave me room to experiences my own true self. I really liked that.

2nd Part Meditation:
The 2nd part of this cd is suppose to be  listen to after listening to the 1st part. The 2nd part helps you to building power through affirmations. It also helps you to find and to enhance your "Super power state of being". You will find new ways to release tension, gain control and strength, In-print how to be loved and to truly love, and be compassionate, becoming self opening, self empowering, self accepting. As time  passes you will feel and be a better person with practice of this cd.

This Cd Prepare You for:
New Body

This Cd has many different parts but let me share a little of the introduction with you.

          When ever you start  feel or recognize unhealthy patterns resurfing in your life. With practices this meditation will raises your level of well being, improve your self esteem, and confidences, and help you tap into your natural inner power. As a result you will be able to face life with more eases and flexibility inner strength and confidences. You'll embrace all feelings connected to your highest self, learn to love your body, mind and spirit, that are uniquely yours. The more you work toward the things you desire the most; the more you will see and feel yourself as the super hero and become your highest self.  Enthusiasm and patience will be your best friends. She is your guild to control your life as you are the one always in control.

 Let me give you some examples of how Jennifer walks you though this meditation series. 

While telling you my own thoughts and feelings. The first part of this cd start with soothing chimes. Jennifer instructs you to get comfortable. She then gives you soothing instruction on how to break down your life and in return breakdown your own stress relief. Jennifer Does these breaks down with you more like a friend in the room then an automated cd. I started getting so relaxed I felt like I was going to fall a sleep. Which is normally very difficult for me; my mind runs a million miles per hour. But her voice was so calm and soothing. I felt like Jennifer was physically pulling out all my negative thoughts feelings and memories and they slowly started coming forth almost as if rushing about to hit a glass surface.I started to feel awkward and at that Exact moment Jennifer assured me it was okay in such a calm soft voice. As Jennifer started to ask be to imagine different situations within my subconscious I started to feel relief and calmness. As we(I really felt like she was there.) moved on to another subconscious scenario to complete; as Jennifer was asking me question I felt like all the answers were rushing to my head all at once then when she said, "Let things come up naturally without force. " I once again was calm. I could feel my body following, and moving along to Jennifer suggestions even though I wasn't actually moving it was really soothing and made me feel I was in control. As she was asking me to look into the mirror I could see my arms filled with what she was talking about and my most inner and most personal memories. Witin fifteen minutes I felt so soothed. At times when Jennifer is guiding you through an over coming or a hard time it's as if a friend is rubbing you on the solder but she's doing it with her voice, tone and calmness. The music truly helped you to feel completed after the end of each task. Which really bring the whole process together. As you complete you affirmations you more and more at eases. You will learn how to enjoy yourself. I loved how effective this cd was on my self esteem and my own self worth. 

Sponsor Information:
“Super Hero” a guided Meditation CD?This Meditation CD is perfect for busy woman who need to take some time for themselves. No matter your experience these guided meditations are specifically written to help you overcome and purge feelings of inadequacies, release and transform negative thoughts about your body, and take control of your life and plan a path of success – who doesn’t need that?
The CD contains two meditations around 25 minutes so you can fit them in your busy schedule. The meditations are like potato chips you'll be coming back for more and more.
Here are the Details: Connect to and embrace your inner Super Hero! 
Track One– Introduction, 3 minutes Preparing to embrace your Super Hero
Track Two– Super Hero (part 1), 27 minutes. Release unhealthy patterns and move into your Super Hero

Track Three- Super Hero (part 2), 21 minutes. Strengthen your inner Super Hero with affirmations 

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About Jennifer Farmer:
Jennifer is one of the few psychics and mediums, whom have been personally tested by Bob Olson, she is extraordinarily gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits.  Jennifer's abilities are totally natural, and continue to evolve and strengthen.  She is genuine in her concern for the well-being of all her clients and with a delicate and sensitive touch, she's able to shift and expand the awareness in her clients.  This shift is not only healing, but also empowering and life changing.  
Jennifer believes Meditation is a pathway to higher consciousness, intuition and your inner spirit where clarity can be found. With intuitive clarity, decisions on how to proceed become clearer.  You gain a sense of direction that is right for you. With practice, you increase the trust your of your inner-spirit and develop the courage to make changes when necessary. As result, you are more confident in yourself and decision making becomes easier and less traumatic effect on your overall wellbeing. To find out more about Jennifer, visit her website at

Usage: 10/10
10 out of 10 Stars   

Over All Effectiveness: 10/10
10 out of 10 Stars



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