Toe Juice Combo Kit Blogger op ends 09/18

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Giveaway Prize: One Toe Juice Combo Kit
The event dates: 9/20-10/4
Toe Juice Combo 
 The Product:
Toe Juice 1 & 4.6 fl. oz Bottles

Toe Juice is a fast drying liquid, which refreshes, soothes, and softens dry cracked feet, in addition to stop itching, burning, and annoying irritations. Toe Juice effectively remedies most skin problems.
For helping with the giveaway by posting and promoting it…
You will get one free link and two additional links for a $1 each.
The free link for this giveaway is Facebook or Twitter. The additional links are a $1 (options include Facebook, Twitter, stumbleupon, pinterest, rss, email, GFC, Picket Fence).
I am giving away a Secret Code page to one of the bloggers that help with the giveaway.  Each link (even the free one) is equal to one entry. Get all three links and you get three entries.
There is a Referral incentive
For each blogger  you refer to this opportunity you get one more entry in the Secret Code page giveaway.
 Plus, you get to add your giveaway to the post to make a blog hop. 

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