Romeo's Tell Book Review

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    William Neubauer

About The Author:

        William Neubauer is a native of Long Island and earned his B.A. at the State University College at Oneonta in upstate New York. Bill has long had a penchant for intuitive logic riddles, a trait he believes he inherited, which explains the oblique and rather curious wording of the dedication page in his first novel, Romeo's Tell, as well as the origin of some of the novel’s more intriguing content.
      With an Information Technology career spanning twenty-six years, comprising software development, implementation, and communications projects. Bill has now focused on turning his longstanding fiction-writing hobby into something tangible. The result is Romeo's Tell, which, by all reports, is difficult to put down once its reading has begun.
Bill currently lives with his family in Louisville, Kentucky.

Book Description:

 Romeo's Tell is a fast-paced mystery/thriller that challenges you, the reader, to arrive at answers before the protagonists do.
Hidden for decades in the most unlikely of places, a handwritten note, related to a tragic mystery that has persisted for twenty-five years, is discovered, quite accidentally. The simple note was clearly addressed to Chad Swan, but was it intended to convey some deeper message to Chad or does it simply indicate his guilt?
And is there some connection between the note and the larger conspiracy that had made Chad a fugitive even before the note was discovered?What role will Chad’s 22-year-old daughter, Morgan, play in unraveling the mystery and what dangers await her?If there is some deeper meaning to the brief, two-sentence, seemingly inconsequential note, will the forces of good be able to decipher it?

Will you?

And to what dark corners will the dreadful truth ultimately lead?

My Review:

This book was a very easy read. The context in the book had me feeling as if  I was personally creating a relationship with each of the characters. Have you ever watched a movie  with subtitles and after a while you no longer realize you're reading them. That is how this book was. Once I got an hour into it  I forgot I was reading until my 6 month old son began to cry; and I popped out of the reality that this was only a book. I quickly returned to it like a long lost friend. Romeo's Tell truly keeps you on the edge of your seat. I finished this book in 2 days and every second I didn't need to do a blog update, I was reading it.  I actually pushed a side other  reviews to read this. But that's a secret just between us. (shhhh!) I love how the author made you really feel a part of the story line and even left clues to this heart bounding mystery thriller. I absolutely hope there is a sequel to this book and will warmly embrace it into my collection. I look forward to reading this over and over again and glad it will be close by with those cold winter nights coming upon us.
I recommend this book  for ages 16+ due to the content.

I give this book 9 out of 10 stars


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