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K5  Includes 4 Reading & Math Programs

K5 Reading helps kids become strong readers and develop a love of reading. This award-winning program covers phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension. K5 Math is an award-winning program which builds self confidence and a deep understanding of math concepts. K5 Math covers numbers and operations, geometry, measurement (including time and money), algebraic thinking and data analysis.
K5 Spelling is an advanced vocabulary program which improves language skills one word at a time. We feature adaptive instruction, automatic word generation, an optimized visual interface, and a 150,000+ word database. K5 Math Facts uses adaptive technology to help kids develop instant recall of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Progress on each and every math fact is monitored until mastery is obtained.

We customize our program for each student

Benchmark your child’s reading and math skills
  • 8 key skills assessed online.
Trust in a program that is personalized for your child
  • Lessons are based on our skills assessment, not age.
  • 24/7 availability; 100% web based
Watch your child excel
  • Kids work independently
  • Parents get progress reports

For your child

Develop study habits early

K5 kids learn to focus and work independently.

Progress at own pace

K5 allows kids to progress, unrestrained and unpressured.
For busy parents

A ready-made program

K5 organizes, instructs, and quizzes your child and provides reports to you.

K5 kids work independently

We use simple interfaces, spoken instructions and bite sized lessons.

Total safety

No ads, no chat, & no external links.


100% online. No downloads and nothing to install.
Award winning content

Over 3,000 tutorials and activities

Our content is award-winning, research-based and aligned with national standards.

Personalized learning

We personalize our program to each child’s skills, not their age or grade level.

Full instruction, not just ‘review’

We provide full instruction, allowing kids to tackle topics they have not seen before.

Interactive learning

Kids don’t watch our lessons, they interact with them through our animated 'role model' characters.

Learning not “edutainment”

Our priority is developing reading, math and study skills.

4 programs, 1 price

K5 Reading, K5 Math, K5 Spelling and K5 Math Facts all included for one price.

A note on the assessments
When kids start K5, their reading and math lessons are cued at their grade level.

Once kids become familiar with the system, we recommend they complete our free online placement assessments in reading and math.  The idea is to gauge skill levels in different areas (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, site words, comprehension, numbers/operations, geometry and measurement) and cue the lessons at an appropriate starting point in each.  To do an assessment, or to change levels before or after the assessment, just submit the request form from the Parent Dashboard.

The assessments generally work pretty well, but occasionally throw out poor results – especially if kids stop paying attention part way through (giving scores which are too low) or parents start helping (giving scores which are too high).    The assessments are for placement purposes and are not a full blown diagnostic assessment, which would be much longer and potentially counter-productive with the younger kids.

A note on lesson selection
One feature of our system is our automatic lesson selection; most of our parents do not really want to be actively involved in selecting lessons each day, but want to know that their child is progressing through the material in a logical way (and not just repeating 'fun' or easy activities and so on).  To facilitate this, the system automatically chooses the next lesson each day for the student.   In contrast, some parents, tend to be more hands-on, and use our assignment function to a greater extent.

Program over view:
The program starts with an assessment to the coarse. After you request the assessment to find out where your child places academically. A pop up tells you you will receive and email up to  24hrs after signing up for assessments. So I was rather pleasantly surprised when I received an email after 15mins saying the assessment was ready for my 6 year old was to complete.

Reading Assessment :
In Between each level of testing the website throws in a game to keep child the child engaged. I think this is a great idea. My son thought this assessment and game were both really fun. In the game he especially like the sound effects if you hit a sea creature by mistake. Which of coarse became the over all goal.


Reading Placement (Instruction)
 Phonemic Awareness  Inter. K
 Phonics  High K
 Sight Words  Low K
 Vocabulary  Inter. K
 Reading Comprehension  Low 2nd

Math Assessments:
The math assessment seemed very difficult for my 1st grader. It seemed as it was over all based and not based between grade levels and had no grade appropriate focus. This test seemed to have a very large focus on many levels which left my child confused.

  Below is my sons first  Math assessment results:
Math Placement 
 Number and Operations  Low K
 Measurement  Inter. K
 Geometry  Low 2nd

Math Lessons

  • Engaged in program for 10 minutes
  • Program repeated when there was an error or answer was incorrect
  • My son enjoyed the clock in the lesson talking to him

  • Child lost interest after 10mins of lesson
  • Due to my child's errors he became annoyed with the program repeating question
  • At times my child did not understand what the clock program was asking of him
  •  Child wishes there were more games in math lessons


Lesson name                            Score    Source   
Counting and Numbers - Vol. 1   90%      K5       
Counting and Numbers - Vol. 4   81%      K5       
Counting and Numbers – Vol. 2   100%  K5       
Counting and Numbers – Vol. 3   62%      K5       
Counting and Numbers – Vol. 3   43%      K5      


Reading Lessons

Total Time on Task: 2 hrs 53 mins
         Phonemic Awareness    Phonic Sight Words    Comprehension   Vocabulary  Others   Total
Completed           1                                   2                               1                              2                  2            8    
Mastered              0                                  1                               2                              4                  0            6
% Mastered:         100%                         100%                     0%                            50%           100%   75%

  • Child was engaged throughout entire lesson
  • Had characters who reward his accomplishments through out lesson
  • When mouse moved across words they would light up and say word or sound
  • Teaches Predictions 
  • Teaches Animals
  • Teaches Rhyming
  •  Games teach hand eyes coordination
  • Teaches Reading Comprehension


 K5 Reading
8 lessons completed

Unlimited Use of 4 Complete Programs

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