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 Yay! Hurry over to Facebook to score a FREE Greeting Card from Santa from  You will have the choice of the “Checking it Twice” or the ” Santa’s Scroll Card”.  To order your card, click on either the “Checking it Twice” or “Santa’s Scroll”  links under CHOOSE IT.  When you order, you can have it sent to yourself for free or directly to the recipient for $.45, the cost of the stamp. Use code SANTA12 to get it free.
Subtotal $2.99
Promotion Subtotal -$2.99
Postage $0.00
Tax $0.00
Shipment 1 total $0.00

Order total       $0.00


 I added this picture for the back of my card and said it was made by Santa. If you wanna snag it!



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