NickMom™ Motherfunny House Party

Top 9 Reasons why you should host a NickMom Motherfunny House Party:
9. Two words: No kids
8. You'll actually be able to use your television to watch a show with adult people on it. Seriously.
7. Your friends will think you're cool again. (Not that you ever weren’t cool, right?)
6. It’s way better than book club.
5. You finally have a legit excuse to drink those 20 boxes of wine you’ve been stockpiling.
4. You'll be a NickMom expert… making it the first time you know about something cool before your kids.
3. Did we mention you'll be kid-free for a full night?
2. You can use your next-day hangover as an excuse for another day off from the kids.
1. Amazing party pack items, which will include:
• NickMom DVD with Exclusive Clips and Episodes
• Cosmo Cocktail Mix
• NickMom Drink Shaker
• Motherfunny Drink Coasters
• 'Would You Rather' Game
• Charades: Mom Edition
• Mom Libs
• NickMom Fridge Magnets
• Guest Name Tags
Hosting opportunities are limited. Apply Now

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