FREE 2012-13 Family Science Night kit

New Family Event for 2012-13!
Treat families to a night of inquiry, discovery and fun with our ALL NEW Family Science Night kit. Our simple, hands-on Safety Smart® science experiments feature safe and fun activities designed to spark an interest in science with your school's families.
Family Science Night
Our FREE 2012-13 Family Science Night kit includes:
  • Step-by-step guidelines to plan and run your event
  • Colorful promotional posters, banner, and flyer
  • Eight fun Safety Smart® science experiments
  • An Investigator's Journal to keep track of results...and more!

Pre-order your kit now, and be the first to see what's new for 2012-13. If you have any questions regarding our Family Science Night, please contact us at (800) 644-3561, ext. 208, or email us.
Who knows...Family Science Night may just bring out the next Einstein at your school!
John Driscoll
PTO Today Partnerships

They mail it directly to your house however you will have to list your childs school
They will be mailing out all materials in September! I have ordered so many times through this and my children love what they have to offer! You must put your in the pta & or pto while signing up!

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