Daily Giveaway Sunday

I've been so sick this past week an still am! So I'm going to take a day or 2 off...

But while I am taking time trying to recoupe answer todays daily Giveaway Question.

What is the sweetest thing your partner did for you while you were sick?
You may post 1 answer per hour. All answers must be posted on Rjay's Freebies Facebook Post  to count toward contest. Any answers below might be missed due to bloggers late notifications. 1 winner with the best answer will win. Winners name will be announced via Facebook and the giveaway winners page. This is open nation wide.  I reserve the rite to disclude participants that are rude or send vulgar messeges apone not winning for all giveaways. Please remember I do giveaways to reward my fans for following my fb page. And mail out of my own pocket and will not tolerate being inappropiatly messeged!


  1. he made me soup it was awful but i still ate it
    mary mcmenamy

  2. Took care of our 4 year old, cleaned the house, cooked supper and the BEST part, told me he REALLY appreciated me that he didn't know how I did everything!!! I suggest you try it..lol..
    Hope u feel better soon!

  3. Cleaned the house, did the laundry, but most of all kept the kids quite and occupied so I could get the rest I desperately needed after coming home from the hospital recovering from surgery!!!


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