FREE Cars 2 Lunchbox from Disney Movie Rewards

Right now Disney Movie Rewards has a Cars 2 Lunch Tin for 300 reward points (it is normally 700 points!)  This one requires a little bit of work but you will get a really cute Cars2 Lunch Tin for back to school!


1.) First click here and register a Disney Movie Rewards Account. It will ask you to connect your Facebook account…make sure you click Not RIGHT NOW.
2.)Then at the top of the page in box that says “Enter Magic Code”  enter code U13PEKSZZD  It will ask you if you want to update your address. Click Yes and Enter your address. After entering your address you should have 50 points.
3.)“Enter Magic Code”: FPSNN83JX9 You will now have 75 points.
4.)At the very top of the page is the little Facebook Logo, hover your mouse over it and then click connect. Connect your Facebook account (it will ask you to log in with your Disney account info again) After you connect your Facebook account you will have 100 points. IMPORTANT: Go back to the Disney Movie Rewards page and log out and then log back in to show your updated points. If you don’t log out it will stay say 75 points.
5.) Click Here and and take this short survey for 25 more points. You will have 125 now.
6.) Click Here take this short survey for 25 more points. You will have 150 now.
7.) Click Here take this short survey for 50 more points. You will have 200 now.
8.) Click Here and take this short survey for 100 more points. You will have 300 now.
 log completly out then go back for last survey! It's not listed it will automaticly apear!
9.)Click Here and get your FREE Cars 2 Lunch Box

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